Дизайнер 3D персонажей (3dcharacters) wrote,
Дизайнер 3D персонажей

The Reallusion 3D Character Design Contest

The Reallusion 3D Character Design Contest is an event that invites all artists to create their own 3D characters, without limitations on the design theme. Would-be participants can enter with any fully-rigged, animatable, humanoid character to compete with some of the best artists from the 3D animation community.

You can use all the tools you like such as Maya, 3ds Max, DAZ, Blender, and simply incorporate Character Creator to get a better chance to win. A combination of Character Creator with character topology, and the easy-to-use iClone animation software is highly recommended in order to quickly speed up production.

The contest will start on July 22nd, and will end on October 16th.

Winners will be announced on November 1st, 2016. For more information, please see the complete rules and list of prizes.
Tags: contest
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